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Don is incredibly thorough and friendly! He also took the time to explain his observations. The report he sent after the inspection was timely and easily readable. It made the inspection conversation with my realtor very easy. I will absolutely recommend Don to friends and family in the future. Thanks, Don!
– M.P.
Don was prompt, thorough and very approachable with any questions or concerns that I had and I would highly recommend him.
– S.W.
Don was thorough and knowledgeable. He spoke to us about all possible potential problems. He was very respectful of the property as went through the house and easy to talk with. I would welcome him to my home for our inspection, and recommend him to others.
– M.J.
Don does a very thorough inspection. His approach has never been to scare a buyer but more for informational purposes and safety issues. All of my clients have been very satisfied with Don’s inspection and detailed report.
– K.W.
Thorough, courteous, prompt; very open to questions and specific requests.
– W.C.
Don, Thanks for providing an excellent service! I can tell that you take your job seriously and your experience shows. You were thorough, friendly, genuine, and took the time to explain and answer questions. I will confidently recommend you to anyone in the area in need of home inspections. -Shane
– S.D.
A very thorough inspection that found a huge leaking issue with the upstairs bathroom water pan that the sellers are now in the process of taking care of before the close. Great work, Don!! If you ever need a referral, I’d be happy to provide one. Pete
– P.R.
Don is absolutely a professional Inspector in every sense of the word. He is diligent, highly competent and sensitive to the layman first time homebuyer. Don had no qualms or misgivings about me shadowing his every movement and never appeared irritated in the least with my inquiries. I felt an immediate bond of trust building between us when introducing himself to my wife and I: that he would be on the level, straight-forward, candid and honest. I attest to the fact that his report was accurate and true to the letter, matching word-for-word to my videotaping via my iphone. He has our sincere support for any future recommendations. Don is AWESOME.
– A.M.
I greatly appreciate your ability to perform the inspection on short notice and furnish the report overnight! Thank you for taking the time to help me understand every detail of your inspection and for stating your findings so clearly in the report! It was a pleasure meeting you, and thanks again!
– C.H.
Everything was wonderful. Don was professional, prompt and in depth.
– K.M.
I appreciate the thorough inspection and am confident in the quality of house that I am purchasing. Thanks for your advice and opinion Don!
– J.C.
Don, I enjoyed working with you. Your inspection was thorough and your report very complete. In addition to that, you took the time to give me knowledge about my new house that will come in handy I am sure!!! Money well spent!!! Thanks so much for all your help.
– M.W.
Very thorough. Great job explaining everything.
– J.C.
We have worked with Don multiple times and will continue to do so in the future. He is very knowledgeable and flexible with the turn around of our inspection report.He was able to get us our report quicker than initially anticipated which helped us stay within the terms of our home contract. Highly recommended.
– J.L.
Great home inspector. Strong communicator with Buyers. Reasonably priced. Attentive to REALTOR and Buyer questions.
– B.F.
Don is very professional and produces a very detailed report.
– J.P.
Very thorough! I felt like we got a great report.
– S.F.
Don Woodring seemed very knowledge and was great at informing of us what needs to be done to the property. His report was easily readable and thorough! Thank you!
– J.H.
Great communication throughout the inspection, and knowledgeable which gave me confidence. Thank you
– M.K.
You were very thorough, explanations were very clear and the report is well done and easy to understand.
– P.W.
Very through and detailed in his inspecting. I was very happy with his findings that were legitimate. Highly recommended. Thanks you so much Ray C.
– R.C.
Did a great job, would recommend him.
– S.G.
Mr. Woodring was very nice and was very professional. He answered all my questions pleasantly. I would use him again in the future as well as recommend him to others
– K.H.
Don was friendly, informative and thorough. He took the time to explain his findings; dumbing it down for me so I clearly understood! I would recommend Don in the future for all inspection needs.
– C.P.
We had a great experience working with Don. He was incredibly professional and thorough and wrote a very easy to follow report complete with detailed pictures. Not much, if anything, I would change if I could do it over again. Thanks a lot! -Glenn and Margaret
– G.F.
Don was professional, friendly and took time to explain all areas of inspection. This is so important for those of us that need the information dumbed down for general understanding. I would absolutely recommend Don to conduct inspection!
– C.P.
very thorough and in a manner that was easy to understand
– C.O.
Don was great! Very friendly and thorough. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking.
– B.S.
Thank you for your quick response to my questions.
– J.C.
Don did a fantastic job with our inspection. He is incredibly thorough and did a great job of explaining things to us. The report that was provided for very detailed and easy to understand. I would definitely utilize Don again and recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable inspector.
– L.M.
As a first time homebuyer, Don made me feel very comfortable with this portion of the process. He was very thorough during the inspection and willing to answer any questions. His expertise made me feel very confident on the condition of the property. I would absolutely use Don in the future!
– J.S.
Don, was a pleasure to work with, very professional & completely thorough while doing my home inspection. Would use him again.
– K.S.
Professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and explained observations and findings very well. The inspection report was neat, clear, and easy to understand. The inspection pictures were clear and appropriate. Thanks
– F.W.
Don was extremely thorough , knowledgable and had great insight into our new home. He is very easy to talk to and willing to answer any question.
– C.C.
A pleasure to have you inspect my new home. Thanks for all your information.
– D.S.
The whole team was great. The added information made it feel like they really cared about my home and wanted me to be educated by what they found during inspection. Would definitely recommend.
– A.M.
Don was on time, he was courteous, he was knowledgeable and up to date on the building/electrical codes for our county, and he was thorough. We really appreciate him being available when we needed him. The home owners were home and he went about his inspection with as little intrusion as possible and was very gracious to the homeowners.
– C.K.
Don was very knowledgable and was great to work with. Thanks Don!
– B.J.
Job well done! Thanks Don
– S.B.
Don did a really great job accommodating our schedule and doing a very thorough inspection. He also did a great job of educating along the way.
– B.C.
Don is extremely knowledgeable, performance oriented, and thorough. He conducts himself and his inspections in a very professional manner
– J.G.
Don was very thorough and detailed.
– J.P.
Thank you for doing such a thorough inspection!
– D.W.
Very thorough inspection. Very knowledgeable and helpful in pointing out regular maintenance items. Excellent!
– V.S.
Thank you for working with us. You were thorough and patient with us. You answered all our questions and concerns. It’s been a pleasurable experience.
– E.O.
Totally satisfied with inspection!
– G.K.
The home inspection looked complete and the report was very user friendly including pictures of the items flagged as issues. The summary section addressing items needing repair was especially helpful. We would recommend Don to anyone considering buying a home in the area!
– S.M.
Don was very thorough and took time to explain things to us. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was great!
– L.B.
Very knowledgeable and took his time to explain how the systems in the home worked or didn’t work.
– S.A.
Don was very professional and complete, excellent customer service
– M.P.
We appreciated all your suggestions and recommendations. Your report was excellent and you were generous with your time and all of our questions. Thank you very much,
– R.O.
He really helps put your mind at ease with all the stress of buying a house. He completed two inspections for myself and with both I was 100% confident with every potential problem either house could of had. He was very detailed and concise in both the inspection and walking me through his findings. Will definetely recommend Don and In Site to any one in need of a home inspection.
– C.C.
Don was very professional and thorough. We were very happy with him. He provided a very detailed inspection report.
– M.R.
Don was great to work with. Very thorough and explained so much of what he was doing. Was even willing to answer questions outside of the home he inspected for me. Would definitely recommend Don!
– K.C.
Don, we really appreciate your letting us follow you on our inspection. We love the insight you gave us as to what we are really buying. Best regards, Bob and Sue
– R.S.
Pretty Impressive Bro
– M.W.
Don was extremely professional. He took my clients through the home that they were in the process of buying and not only showed them everything but explained it to them as well (Good and Bad). This really put them at ease with such a large purchase. Thank you Don!
– K.W.
Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions.
– A.S.
Very thorough, great attitude, and super friendly.
– M.D.
Great job, again! Thanks!
– S.G.
Don knew exactly what he was doing and explained everything so I could easily understand. His report was very thorough with photographs and detailed descriptions. I would recommend and use him again. Thank you Don.
– S.Y.
Very personable and friendly. Made sure I had input on what he was doing and detailed. Made me feel confortable. Good guy!
– M.H.
Don was very friendly. He was also very thorough and seemed to catch everything. Don also followed up with us in no time with his report. We would absolutely recommend Don as well as use him in the future.
– J.R.
Don did a great job!
– S.G.
I have seen several formats for these reports. Your is by far the most clean looking, easy to understand, well delineated format. There is no misunderstanding in your terminology of what is an immediate problem for repair and something that the buyer should just “watch” for deterioration. It is a relief to see someone who knows about home repairs, the trends vs the code, and is considerate and polite combined. Thank you for your help.
– K.S.
It was a pleasure doing business with you. You made it painless and fun. Thanks so much.
– C.H.
Don is a complete professional, very thorough, knowledgeable and most importantly of all we felt that he had our best interest in mind while conducting the inspection. We will recommend Don to anyone who needs a home inspector. Thanks Don.
– A.D.
I enjoy working with you. I like that you remain focused on your job, not a lot of erroneous chit chat like I have had in the past with other inspectors. I’m very anal and detailed oriented so that can make me difficult to work with so I appreciate your understanding of my quirks. Barb
– B.B.
I didn’t personally meet Don, but it was a pleasure doing business with him. It was the character on the phone which lead me to go with the company. Thank you.
– P.J.
Thank you for a very thorough and professional inspection. I appreciate your efforts!
– C.R.
You always do a great job! My clients are always happy and that makes ME look good, too! Thank you, Don!
– D.B.
wonderful job, very thorough and very pleasant! 🙂
– C.D.
Excellent; kept us updated through the inspection, provided feedback and answered questions throughout the process.
– J.J.
Don was great, good eye for details, answered all my questions with understandable replies. I feel he saved me from purchasing a Money Pit. We highly recommend Don.
– K.S.
Don was great. He was incredibly detailed, looking for both big problems and small fixes. We’ll definitely be calling him the next time we need an inspection.
– P.R.
You did a wonderful job walking us through all the inspection points, it made it alot easier for us as first time home owners to understand what we are getting into. Thank You
– E.M.
Very thorough with the inspection and took the time to explain everything in detail.
– S.F.
Very professional and informative. We enjoyed working with Don.
– S.H.
I couldn’t have been more pleased, Don. You are so professional and all inclusive in what you do, that I felt very secure in the results of both the jobs you completed for me. Thanks to your efforts, I will be purchasing the most recent home you inspected. I won’t hesitate to refer you whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you so much. Sheila
– S.S.
You are great thanks for everything.
– A.W.
Thanks Don You gave me the best advice as usuall.
– S.P., May 2013
Excellent inspection, very detailed.
– B.H.
He definately made this first time home buyer feel very comfortable with the state of the house. What a nice guy.
– J.T.
Don was pleasant and thorough. His report was easy to read and understand. The pictures were a great help.
– S.D.
Really appreciated your thouroughness-was a pleasure meeting you. thanx! Mike L.
– M.L.
Thank you very much!
– C.D.
Don did a very thorough job and took the time to discuss issues with us. We are very pleased with his professionalism and excellent review of the property we plan to purchase. His written report was extremely thorough with photos of all issues to be addressed. We highly recommend him!
– M.W.
As Always, Don did a great job.
– R.M.
Thank you Don for the extremely thorough inspection! Due to your diligence we where able to avoid getting sucked into a potential money pit!
– D.K.
THE BEST of the BEST!!!! Way to go in Customer Satisfaction and expertise in the field, Don!!!!! My clients love you & so do we!!!!
– J.W.
Don, as always you do a thorough job on your inspections and are always very professional. Keeping the buyers calm about all the inspection items is a tough job and you do that well!
– K.W.
Don you are as good as it gets!
– G.R.
Extremely thorough and communicative.
– D.J.
Thanks for all your hard work Don
– K.W.
Don, Thanks for your time and patience. You provide great service for my clients and are very easy to work with. Your reports are clear and easy to read and I will definitely recommend you in the future.
– S.S.
The explanation following the inspection with pictures was very valuable.
– B.R.
Great job Don! We appreciate your thoroughness, and the report was awesome! We would definitely recommend you to anyone who is purchasing a home.
– T.T.
Don continues to be a top-notch inspector who tells it like it is! He is not an alarmist but a realist! I know when my buyers use Don they are getting quality!
– D.B.